No matter what kind of industry you work in, you’ve probably heard that content marketing is becoming one of the most important tools in the advertising toolkit. Today’s consumers find more businesses through the internet than ever before, and if you’re hoping to increase your sales numbers and improve your bottom line, this is one marketing method that can no longer be ignored. One especially important aspect of content today is social media, which draws a large crowd across many platforms, especially in the younger demographics. If you’re hoping to attract a youthful customer base, in other words, content marketing on social media is an absolute imperative. Here are just a handful of the reasons why content and regularly updated social media is so important for today’s companies’ sales.

It Helps Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

While most consumers today look up desired products and services through web searches, very few of them actually take the time to click past the first page or two of the web results. This environment means that if you want your business to get found by relevant potential customers, ranking as highly as possible is essential. You can help improve your odds by including strategically placed, specially selected keywords throughout any content that you post.

It Strengthens Your Brand Image and Can Spread Awareness

Because so many younger users are on social media – and older ones as well! – having active profiles is a great way to spread brand awareness and strengthen your overall image all in one go. For example, if you have an Instagram account, you can post photos of your products or services that show off your logos, company colors, or any other relevant branded materials.

It Helps You Reach as Wide an Audience as Possible

Sticking to outbound marketing only is yesterday’s approach. Today, reaching a wide audience means going digital. Through the regular, strategic use of social media, you give your company the best possible shot at reaching as wide an audience as possible.

Content marketing today is one of the most vital pieces of an effective marketing strategy, especially if you want to reach tech-savvy or younger consumers who find a lot of their products and services via web searches. If you want to improve your company’s website search engine ranking, for instance, SEO-optimized content is the way to go. Companies that don’t already have multiple social media accounts may want to look into making the most of this highly effective 21st-century marketing tool.