Monthly Archives: May 2021

Asset Based Lending vs. Hard Money

Hard Money is a term used to describe loans that come with a higher risk than traditional loans. On the flip side, Asset Based Lending is whereby investors use their assets as security for a loan. However, the two types... Read More

Helpful Advice for Commercial Real Estate Investors

After seeing the success of many investors in commercial real estate, the urge to try your luck can be overwhelming. While it’s seen as easy from a distance, investing in commercial property calls for education, courage, and utilizing the right... Read More

4 Tips for Taking on Unexpected Growth

One of the goals of every entrepreneur is business growth. However, when it occurs at a startlingly rapid pace, you have to be prepared, or your unexpected growth can be detrimental. Here are some tips on how you can effectively... Read More

What is Crowdfunding?

Running a business is an expensive undertaking and acquiring the funds you need can be difficult. One of the most popular ways to raise money for a new business is by using crowdfunding. This is a campaign that entices consumers... Read More

Marketing Methods for Law Firms

Law firms need to be marketed just as much as any other business. Despite this, selling the public on services from a group of attorneys differs from that of publicizing other forms of commerce. The field’s sensitive nature demands discretion... Read More