Monthly Archives: September 2021

How to Flip a House in 5 Steps

Putting it very simply – house flipping is serious business. Don’t let the cheap commercials on aggregate websites fool you; although there is tremendous potential in this particular stratum of...... Read More

10 Questions To Ask Before Taking On Business Partners

Business relationships and partnerships often start out great: everyone’s excited, motivated and optimistic, but end in disaster: lawsuits, broken friendships and destroyed businesses. Taking on a business partner is a...... Read More

Crowdfunding: The Pros and Cons for Your Business

When it comes to business funding, crowdfunding is becoming extremely popular for startups and even mature firms to raise funds. Sounds like a pretty easy process: sign up, list your...... Read More

How Does Venture Capital Work?

Venture capital is basically an aggregate of investors from all walks of life – this can include organizations, wealthy individuals, small businesses themselves and mutual funds – who will put...... Read More

Everything You Need to Know about Equity Financing

When it comes to starting a new business, you typically have two options for financing. First, there are debt-based options, such as loans, credit lines, etc. Second, there’s equity financing,...... Read More

Keys to Making Effective Content

Having social media pages for your business is one thing. Creating engaging content that keeps your followers entertained is another can of worms. If you have the first step down...... Read More