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Make Your Restaurant Something Truly Amazing With an SBA Loan

As experts in helping restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and other customer-service oriented companies, we can help you get a small business loan that fits the needs of your business completely. SBA financing is an excellent choice for this type of business, helping you continue generating profits by showing your company as much TLC as you give your clients.

How a Small Business Loan Can Help You Create the Ideal Restaurant Location

SBA loans are backed by the Small Business Administration. Because of this, they contain many features that are comfortable for small businesses, including large capital amounts for pretty much any need. Here are a few options:

  • Real estate: Are you tired of having to rent a small shop that doesn’t accommodate enough customers but still costs an arm and a leg? For many restaurateurs, the best decision they ever made was to use SBA financing to buy a piece of real estate and build their own location.
  • Prep surfaces and cooking equipment: Make sure your rear-of-house personnel can work quickly, efficiently and professionally with the best prep surfaces, cooking instruments and other equipment. Customers notice the difference in the quality of your food.
  • Payment systems: Are long lines making you lose valuable customers? It may be time to speed up service and payment processing with a high-tech payment system. Some payment processing options include tablets for mobile payments and tableside ordering.
  • Interior décor: One of the most important things for creating a restaurant or coffee shop that is hip with the younger crowd is making sure it has the right ambiance. With a small business loan, you can upgrade your furniture and give interior spaces an amazing look.

If you currently own your own real estate location, an SBA loan can also be used to expand available seating space or change the inside configuration for an open-concept design. With smart investments, you can attract even more customers and enjoy a great reputation online and offline.

Of course, our team can help many other kinds of small businesses as well, from auto dealerships to retail stores. To learn more, contact us right away.

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