Accounts Receivable Financing

Cash for Business Expenses

Every business needs cash on hand for expenses. JHF Capital can help you find that cash with accounts receivable financing. For companies that have customers that take 90 days or more to pay their invoices, this can be an excellent source of financing. We can work with all types of businesses, including startups, companies in bankruptcy, and companies losing money. If you have been turned down by traditional banks, reach out to us. We may be able to help.

How Financing Receivables Works

This is a loan taken against your future accounts receivable that are still to be paid. This means that to qualify for this loan, we look at the credit rating of your customers, not your company’s. Therefore, businesses that may be struggling to get their feet off the ground can often quality for this type of loan if they have solid customers. At JHF Capital, we offer the following:

  • Cash in 24 hours
  • No personal guarantees or fixed payments
  • Free credit insurance on your customers
  • No arbitrary loan board decisions
  • Financing for any business

You can use this money for any business expense, such as payroll, inventory, and expansion costs.

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