Healthcare Financing

Healthcare Financing Solutions for Dental and Medical Professionals

The healthcare industry is always in demand, especially when it comes to knowledgeable and friendly professionals who work directly with patients. This includes general practitioners, specialists, surgeons, pediatricians, dental care experts, dental cosmetologists, veterinarians and chiropractors. At JHF Capital, we have many kinds of healthcare financing that adapt to the needs of practices large and small.

Excellent Healthcare Financing for Different Medical Specialties

What all healthcare professionals have in common is the need for staying up to date with the latest technology and trends. With the right healthcare loan, you can provide the very best patient care and ensure an excellent reputation with new and loyal clients. Here are some ways to use a loan:

  • X-ray equipment
  • Other diagnostic systems
  • 3D imaging software
  • Advanced treatment options
  • Interior décor and design of your office
  • Remodeling or office expansion
  • Working capital
  • Student debt consolidation

In many of these financing options, it’s not necessary to have collateral or to make a down payment. With the right loan, you can bring your practice into the 21st century. Expand treatment areas and give your patients an enjoyable experience on every visit. We’re also happy to provide financing for groups of doctors working in the same treatment clinic, as well as larger healthcare facilities and senior care facilities.

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