Social media is one of the most influential factors in our digital lives. With the ability to transform and impact everything from business to networking to personal communication, it has a vast power that can be hard to keep up with. Due to the trends, shifts and evolution that seem to be ever-changing within the various platforms and digital space, it can feel difficult to keep up. Here are a few trends and projected adaptations that you will want to be mindful to stay successful in your online social efforts.

1. Multifunctional, Conversational Platforms

In a world where users want lean, mean, high functioning technology to live more efficient and effective lives, there have been vast changes in the functionality across platforms. With phone calls and more formal communication like email being replaced with messaging platforms, businesses are making shifts to embrace and support whole new customer interaction. Everything from customer service to payment facilitation is being filtered through these channels.

2. The Power of Online Feedback And Reviews

There is a transformative power to online reviews and feedback. Professionally reviewed sources are being replaced with influencers and crowdsourcing experiences. If you want to remain relevant, you need to focus efforts on having high-quality interactions and exceptional experiences to support a positive online, crowdsourced opinion.

3. Influence From Within Your Own Community

Social media influencers’ audiences can prove invaluable; however, they can also come with a hefty price tag. If you want to be successful in broadening your audience, look no further than to your own staff. Your employees are often some of the best brand ambassadors that you can get, as they understand and represent the brand better than anyone else ever could.

4. Gone Is Bland and Boring Content

Highly visual, engaging and interactive content is essential. You need to be able to grab the attention of your audience at the height of their scrolling and swiping. Don’t lose their attention and lose your edge, when you can offer exciting, interactive and enticing information instead.

5. Utilize Existing Communities

No one enjoys dealing with the advertisements and marketing efforts that clog their feeds. You can avoid annoyance or irrelevancy by harnessing the power of existing communities. Everything from established groups on the various socials to forums to hashtags of curated content can help you get the attention of those who are truly interested.

If you want to engage on social media, it is so much more than posting snappy content and eye-catching visuals. With these 5 areas, you can help develop a clearer, more cohesive plan that is sure to keep your audience engaged and interested, at least until the next trend and change.