For years, the franchisee-franchisor relationship has been compared to numerous partnerships, including the teacher-student and the parent-child relationship. Like any partnership, every party has defined roles that are the foundation for successful alliances. These responsibilities will often be outlined in the franchise disclosure document detailing the essential obligations for helping franchises prosper. In hindsight, these are the precursors to success, with the franchisees and franchisors required to put in the effort.

How To Be the Ideal Franchisee

Have a Growth Mindset

Franchisees with a growth mindset will likely last long in the business compared to those with only short-term goals. Before your franchisor can approve your request to join the franchise, they will first vet you based on your skills, with business-minded individuals ideal for joining their franchises.

Focus On the Community

By initiating community-driven projects, your company can reach out to those in need of help. This helps you build positive interactions between your employees and the community while also helping you build your brand image.

Be Collaborative

Franchises can only be successful if the franchisees are willing to work together to strengthen the brand. This means sharing insights in your various areas of expertise, mentoring upcoming franchisees, and brainstorming ideas that will help struggling businesses.

How To Be the Ideal Franchisor

While it may seem like most of the work rests on the franchisee, the franchisor also must help their partners. Some tips to keep in mind include:

Listen to Your Franchisee’s Inputs

Collaboration is not just a one-way system, with franchisors who value their franchisee’s inputs standing a better chance at making their businesses work. Your partners will often have practical solutions that could prove more effective since they are the first point of contact with your customers.

Be Supportive

Like every partnership, franchises can only last if the franchisors are supportive of their franchisees. The majority of the franchisees will need coaching along the way, allowing them to get in tune with the workings of the business. Without this, they are likely to fail, an aspect that would lead to ripple effects on your brand’s name. To avoid this, offer a helping hand and be supportive of your franchisees.

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