One of the main issues companies face when they seek the help of Search Engine Optimization experts is that their website is just not set up effectively for the tools and techniques these professionals bring to the party. Some do not function effectively, have poor design or do not have a pool of content to draw upon. It is a good idea to take the time to inspect and improve them before talking to a Search Engine Optimization company.


Before trying to raise your rankings in search engine results lists, it is a good idea to make sure that every page and link functions as expected. This can be easily accomplished by clicking all the buttons and links on your site, you can then make a list of the ones which are not working and get them fixed. It is important to make sure you do this for both the computer and mobile versions of your site and to keep track of your load times. Optimizing your website for function will make your Search Engine Optimization efforts more effective and keep customers from clicking away before making a purchase.


The design of your website does more for SEO than many people think. Websites with high-quality images and graphics, intuitive layouts and easily identifiable logos are considered more credible than those without, meaning more customers will stick around long enough to make a purchase. These are also some elements considered by search engine algorithms for ranking. Customer reviews, partner logos and media mentions should feature prominently in your design, along with promotional items and contact information.


Search Engine Optimization techniques often draw on the content already included on your website to generate new blog posts, product descriptions and newsletters to draw customers in. Before hiring an optimization company, you should check your website for some key information that your customers will be looking for such as a clear introduction to your company, what you do better than your competition and separate pages for different services. It is a good idea to include content like your address and contact information, detailed product descriptions and even a product demonstration.

SEO tools and techniques are only as good as the website they are optimizing, so it is a good idea to prep your site to improve the function, design and content before hiring Search Engine Optimization professionals. Taking the time to make sure everything works properly, the site looks credible and all the relevant information is present can make a big difference in how your campaign works.