The business culture is evolving as more leaders value balance between their work and personal lives. The days of the aggressive, workaholic leader plugged into their job 24 hours a day are declining. As today’s executives seek a calmer work experience, they are discovering mindfulness helps them get there and improves their leadership skills as well.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness consists of activities that help a person stay calm, focused, clear-headed, and centered. For some, it is checking in with a mindfulness app throughout the day for short-centering exercises. Other business leaders practice meditation or yoga to achieve these goals, while others opt for spending more time outdoors daily in a natural setting.

How Does Mindfulness Make Me a Better Leader?

The practice of mindfulness improves your leadership skills in various ways:

  • Protects You From Burnout
    Burnout happens when you’re running on empty and powered by adrenaline, caffeine, and nerves. It leaves your body stressed and your mind frazzled and often divided. That can lead you to snap at your employees or colleagues for even minor errors or lapses in judgment. Mindfulness activities keep you focused and relaxed and help you relieve stress and tension. That enables you to keep your business relationships positive.
  • Improved Time Management
    Like it or not, there are only 24 hours each day, and you do require sleep at some point. You’ve probably figured out that working long hours doesn’t do your body or mind any good. Mindfulness gives you a clear, calm mind that lets you get more out of your work hours and be more productive. It may also help you delegate some of your workloads to deserving employees seeking leadership experience.
  • Boosts Your Creativity
    A relaxed mind is free to think through creative ideas to boost employee engagement or customer service. It also can come up with innovative ways to expand the business. 
  • Helps Your Personal Life Thrive
    Many successful leaders exceed their business goals and make time for their own personal pursuits instead of being busy at work all the time. Mindfulness helps you connect to your values and what you want your life’s legacy to be. It helps you have the mental and physical energy to make a difference in your personal life as well. A happy home life makes you a better leader in the office.

Practicing mindfulness allows your body to release tension and clears your mind to make you a better leader.