The late Steve Jobs is widely regarded as the greatest entrepreneur of modern times; even today, a decade after his passing, gems of innovation and insight are revealed by authors and friends. In this short article, we’ll detail 7 secrets (formerly) that Jobs would want to impart to the entrepreneur today.

  1. Make an Impact – Put a Dent in the Universe

This is actually one of his most famous quotes – particularly as pertains to his personal desire to do so. With his business partner, Jobs’ original desire was to make sure everyone had a personal computer. He advises you to also have a vision, and work hard to execute it.

  1. Are You Doing What You Love?

Although this list of Job aphorisms is not in order, this one might’ve been first: he always preached that you find what you love (while working to maintain yourself) before going all-in. Only the obsessive survive in entrepreneurship.

  1. Maximize Reach By Selling a Dream

Whatever product or service you’re selling, sell it in terms of hopes and dreams. Before selling, first understand what the customer truly wants that makes him yearn for your product – and give him the former.

  1. Creativity Is Thy Name

Basically, tap into your extroverted intuition to brainstorm ideas. Get out there in the field and gather information, so that you can later make connections and conjure great ideas. The human experience is priceless, and incorporating this creatively into your product can propel it to heights untold.

  1. Whatever Your Message Is – Be an Expert at Conveying It

Anyone who ever visited an Apple convention when Jobs was alive, spoke about it as a life-changing experience. The force of his personality shone through because he had mastered his message, and was completely at ease telling it. As an entrepreneur, you do your audience a disservice if you’re not a master of the message.

  1. Turn Down Most Amendments

Basically, you have to master the art of saying no consistently. If you don’t, your product will eventually become bloated and visually unpalatable. As an entrepreneur, you should always be asking yourself what can you get rid to make your product more streamlined.

  1. Create an Experience to Remember

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer and try to craft the experience around their vision, instead of around yours. Apple did/does this in part by not having any cashiers in their store, so that you don’t feel like you’re being sold to. This has worked wonders.