There are plenty of different angles you can use to approach your marketing goals. While it can often seem like most strategies are both expensive and complicated, you can actually start to see better results by putting more effort into focusing your plan. One way to achieve this is by paying attention to the right metrics. Measuring your success along the way provides you with insight on the direction you should be taking your company. This is especially true when it comes to PPC ads. By using the right metrics, you can improve the results your pay-per-click ads produce.

The Obvious Metric

This might be apparent, but some business owners forget that the biggest metric to pay attention to with pay-per-click ads is clicks. How many clicks an ad gets is very important to know. Without this information, you have no idea if you’re seeing any success by placing your ad on a specific site. However, incorporating this basic metric into your analysis will show you which points of access are producing the most useful results. This, in turn, helps you funnel your available marketing funds into ad spaces that actually yield you some new customers.

The Quality Metric

Some metrics can cause business owners to feel like they are back in school. This is particularly the case when it comes to the quality of your PPC ads. Google will rank and rate ads in order to assess whether or not the advertisements meet the qualifications that the search engine puts out. Google measures if your ad is relevant in the context of the website and will base the score around this factor. Your landing pages and copy will also be taken into account, so take the steps required to improve these assets and see a better grade.

The Real Costs

Pay-per-click ads are a popular choice for businesses to use because it can be a cost-effective option. However, you should always take the real cost of the service into account when it comes to measuring your success. Every time a casual visitor clicks a link is converted into a customer, it comes at a cost. From the ad space price to the other expenses related to running and maintaining your various web assets, you need to factor in all financial fronts. This will help you understand whether you are actually seeing the results you’d like for your money.

Using PPC ads to the fullest can take time. However, putting thought into your strategy will help you get a lot more out of this commonplace marketing solution.